Land Clearing

Land clearing for any project Turning an unusable piece of land into a productive piece of land is no small task, but our team and machinery are up for the job! Land clearing is not simply a case of removing…

Land clearing for any project

Turning an unusable piece of land into a productive piece of land is no small task, but our team and machinery are up for the job!

Land clearing is not simply a case of removing debris and walking away.  It is about providing for a blank canvas suitable for the specific task you want to complete on the land, leaving and protecting what is important to keep and taking what will get in your way. Our team is fully equipped with the experience, machinery and know-how to clear any land, on any scale, for any purpose.

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Developers and commercial property

Every project is unique and needs a specific plan to make it happen. Our qualified team are here to work with you on your landscape according to your particular needs.

If you are looking for options to make your project as cost effective and environmentally friendly as possible, our team will provide you with a range of methods to get the most from your land.

If the area has native plants and weeds, you can choose to protect the established trees and mulch the weeds, making a mulch bed for further planting and beautification.  The green waste is mulched on site, to be used for natural silt retention.

It is a priority for our team to utilise materials onsite and maximise return for you.


If you have unproductive land that has been going to waste and want it transformed into productive pasture, our teams work with specialised machinery that allows for minimal disturbance, particularly in areas with peat. Qualified arbourists work in consultation with you, ensuring the work is done cost effectively to maximise production.

If stumps are causing problems in paddocks or swamp areas, they can be removed using methods that are cost effective and beneficial for retaining soil matter in sensitive areas.

Our teams are knowledgeable about timber extraction, and will support you through the sale process.

With the right toools and expertise cut-over blocks or orchard areas can be returned to pasture. Our certified teams also offer full shelter belt work from trimming and mulching to full removal.

Heavy machinery transport can also be arranged.

Frequently Asked Questions?

The material and debris that we clear will be turned into mulch. Leaving a layer of mulched material on top of the minimally disturbed soil below. The mulch will be used beneficially to enrich the soil and block erosion.
There are many factors which will influence the cost, including the type and density of vegetation, topography and terrain, and also how many trees or specimen plants are to remain.

As certified and experienced arbourists we are committed to doing a thorough job that will meet your needs and will not need to be done twice.  We will discuss all the options with you to find a solution that is both efficient and cost effective.  Call us today to arrange a quote.
This is a very common question with a variety of answers depending upon your site and your needs. Most often, a visit to the site is required to determine the best and lowest impact solution.
Any time is a good time! Contact us today to get started.

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