Machinery hire

If there is a job that you are confident to take into your own hands, we have the best machines on the market for your needs! Call us today for more information on the models we have available.

State of the art machinery available for hire

Sometimes a job is small enough, and poses little safety risk, and you want to do it yourself.  Why spend thousands on a machine you will only use once? 1st Choice Trees has an array of machinery for hire suited to many kinds of landscape work.  We also have experienced staff available to demonstrate the ins and outs of each machine. All of the machines are purpose built, and serviced regularly, to ensure your safety. Talk to one of our expert team members today to learn which is the right machine for your particular needs.

Truck and mulcher hire

All our mulchers come with an adjustable flail attachment that can mulch standing trees and scrub. Makes light work of large areas for clearing. Recycle debris from your land into nourishing mulch.  Contact us today to find a truck and mulcher that works for you.

Stump grinder hire

Stump grinders are used to reduce tree stumps to an acceptable height, so they don’t prevent a lawn mower from operating across a lawn or inhibit the overall appearance of a landscape. Grinding a tree stump is the affordable alternative to having a stump completely uprooted from your lawn. It’s more convenient and affordable overall for the homeowner.

Undercut unsightly or dangerous tree stumps and roots to below ground level with this high performance machine.

Avant loader hire

Nothing beats the versatility of an Avant loader. it can be used to replace your quad bike, ride on mower and wheelbarrow, or can transport loose materials, timber, pallets and big bags on construction sites. Go almost anywhere outdoors with excellent all-terrain capabilities and visibility, or move through narrow indoor corridors thanks to sharp turning ability and easy handling. With over 100 attachments available, you determine the perfect combination to suit your needs. Avant loaders are powerful yet lightweight, and multi-purpose yet economical – it’s simply a smarter way of working.

Crane hire

We have an extensive range of mobile cranes capable of handling all sizes of projects in Sydney and NSW. For mobile crane hire services, we have a fleet of cranes of various sizes.

Always wear safety gear and adhere to safety procedures when using machines.

Machinery hire Sydney

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