Mulch and firewood

A large collection of all types of mulch and firewood, suited for your particular needs. Our teams can transform debri and unwanted trees to mulch and firewood onsite, a economic and environmentally friendly option.

High-quality mulch and firewood available for collection or delivery

We collect large amounts of organic material from felling and pruning, recycling the best into prime by-products for your home and garden. Garden mulch and firewood is available for delivery straight to you in Blacktown, Hills District, Homebush, Inner West, Parramatta, Fairfield, Penrith, Nepean, Campbelltown, Macarthur + surrounding suburbs.


Keep cosy in the colder months with the best wood in Sydney. Our firewood is dry and hardwood mix for great burning.We have a constant stock of firewood on hand for delivery. We can also arrange a regular drop off so you never run out.

Wood Splitting

Our experienced team and our specialised wood splitter will make light work of any splitting job. If you have large pieces of wood that are too big to handle let our team come on site and transform your wood into fire ready pieces.


As our team is completing your project, we collect any tree debris and turn it to mulch for you to use on your property. There are endless benefits to mulch for your garden or landscape. Mulch helps preserve moisture, improves soil structure, moderates soil temperature and aids in weed management meaning less work for you! Mulch also acts as an erosion barrier, enriching the soil. This will allow grass to begin growing up immediately. Grass can then be kept up by mowing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mulch is a layer of natural material (such as decaying leaves, bark, or compost) that you apply to the top of the soil. There are different types of mulch that are better suited to different environments. Talk to our experienced team today about which mulch will suit your needs.
Mulch helps to preserve moisture, add nutrients to the topsoil, and protect the soil from extremes of climate. Mulch also provides shade which helps to reduce evaporation meaning less watering is needed in hotter months. The soil is cooled down too, providing a friendly environment for earthworms and other micro-organisms to remain active near the surface. It also prevents the growth of weeds and reduces the need for cultivation since it thwarts soil crusts from forming.
It is most effective to mulch at the end of winter or early spring while the soil is still relatively cool, and there is time to protect against the effects of summer on the soil.
It is important to water the garden thoroughly before mulching. Other than that, simply make sure your soil is healthy with enough fertiliser and organic matter for growth.

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