Palm Tree Management

Palm trees are fantastic trees, providing a tropical feel to your garden all year round. But as your palms grow, so do their maintenance requirements. Our team can assist you in the care of these unique and complex trees.

Sydney Palm Tree Pruning & Removal

Palm trees are a fantastic, providing a tropical feel to your garden all year round. But as your palms grow, so do their maintenance requirements. 

Palm tree maintenance is often a dangerous and complicated process and should only be undertaken by a highly skilled professional. 

Our skilled aborists have years of experience under our belts, and knows how to safely remove unwanted or damaged palm trees around Syndey using the correct tools and methods.

Palm Pruning

Some species of palms are what is referred to as self-cleaning palms. What this means is that their fronds and seed pods shed naturally. Other palms need a helping hand to prune away their dying leaves.

Even self-cleaning palms can benefit from pruning away their leaves, so as to avoid the risk of falling palm leaves causing damage to people and property. In addition, fallen debris from palm trees can harbour unwanted pests, and is a fire danger when left in the dry heat of a Sydney summer.

Pruning your palms is necessary to keep them looking their best and reduce and potential dangers. However, pruning too close or too high up on the trunk can cause disease, damage, water uptake problems, or trunk constriction, which is why it’s best to seek a professional arborist.

Too much pruning can cause damage to the tree, weakening tree health and allowing pests and borers to invade. Over-pruned trees are also the not attractive garden feature. A palm that is pruned correctly should have an oval-shaped or circular-shaped canopy.

Tall palm trees will require appropriate equipment, such as hydraulic lifts and ladders. We have all of the necessary equipment to ensure your palms are pruned correctly.



Palm Removal

Palm trees are a beautiful species and quite unlike other trees, and there are various reasons why you might need your palm tree to be removed.

Palms grow from a single point located within the crown of the leaves. Their unique structure gives them the ability to grow so tall without gaining girth. Palms also shed their outer layers as they grow. Both these factors can over time become reasons for you palm to be removed.

The older your palms become, the more they tend to discard their external layers. As the old palm fronds build up on the skin they become more susceptible to being disturbed by high winds. These fronds are often long and heavy, making them difficult to remove and become a lingering danger. If the crown of the palm is destroyed, the palm will usually die, leaving a weakened structure.

Our professional arborists will assess your palms and determine if fronds need to be removed and if they pose a potential risk or danger to you and your property. From this, we will be able to determine if your palm needs to be removed.

However, it is not advised to trim or cut palms down on your own. Removing a palm is a tricky and often dangerous task due to their height and potential risk from poisonous spines. Our team have the skills and equipment to remove Sydney palm trees swiftly and safely.

Frequently Asked Questions?

The price of removing a palm tree mainly depends on the height of the tree.

Palm trees have teeth, which means they have to be roped down instead of simply cut with chainsaws. The taller the palm tree gets, the more weight they have. This means their roots are enduring a lot of stress and can eventually break, falling down into the yard's fence or your home. Professional arborists will come in and use ropes to ease it down to avoid that problem.

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Most trees should ideally be pruned every 2 years or so. However, if you have a young tree that you don't want to grow too big, you’ll have to prune it about once a year so it stays low. Any tree that is a potential safety hazard might need to be more regularly assessed. This is to ensure it's not a danger to anyone or causing issues with nearby structures. At first Choice Tree Services, safety is always our number one priority.
All trees will differ depending on how fast they grow and their flowering cycle. This can come down to the tree species and also the local climate they are growing in.

That been said, late winter can be an ideal time for pruning many trees and shrubs as it can promote fast re-growth in spring. But keep in mind, some trees will bleed sap if pruned in late winter, making it better to prune them in late spring or early summer.

For flowering trees, the time of year they are pruned will impact their flowering next season, this is also true for fruit tree yields.

Usually it’s best to refrain from pruning in autumn as pruning stimulates new growth that could be killed off by winter frosts.

And anytime is a good time for branches that are dead, diseased, or damaged.

If you're unsure, our team of aborists will be able to tell you best time to ensure healthy growth in your trees and shrubs. Feel free to give us a call to discuss.

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