Storm Clean up

Strong Sydney storms can be unkind to the trees on your land, and can put you and your property at risk. Our teams will prioritise saving trees if we can, and when it is impossible, we have the tools and the know-how to remove any storm damaged tree.

Storm damage evaluation, repair and clean up

Sydney is famous for golden beachside days, but it is no secret that Sydney storms can be vicious, causing damage to property including the trees on your property.

After storm damage, fallen or leaning trees can be dangerous if they have not entirely come to rest on the ground. Homeowners, please have a professional handle the shifting dynamics of the weight of the tree to spare yourself injury!

Evaluating Tree Damage

Our arborists will conduct a thorough inspection of affected trees, carefully removing fallen trees. Trees with critical damage may also need to be removed for your safety. If a tree has experienced limited storm damage or stress, our experienced team will make a careful evaluation of the tree.  Some factors to be taken into consideration include:

Tree Health:

If the tree is relatively healthy and intact, there’s a good chance it can be saved.

Tree Crown:

In order for a tree to make food for itself, it needs its canopy of leaves. If less than half of the crown remains, it is unlikely the tree will survive. If over half is still intact, the prognosis is much better.

Structural Integrity:

Trees need a solid frame to balance their weight. If any of the major limbs of the tree have broken off, this could point to a structurally compromised tree which may need to be removed for safety. However if it is only the smaller, non-critical branches that are lost it is more likely we can repair the tree and leave it standing.

Repairing Storm Damaged Trees

If a tree is damaged from a storm but is in relatively healthy, is structurally sound, with most of the crown remaining then it is likely the tree can be preserved. Our arborists will devise a plan of repair and treatment for your storm damaged trees. Some of the techniques that could be used are:

Wound Repair:

Ripped branches are carefully sawn off and torn bark may be removed. This will leave a wound site which is vulnerable to being an entry point for rot, fungus infections, and pest infestations. Our arbourists will treat the wounds and prune the tree to Australian standards, allowing the tree to fully heal itself in time.

Corrective Pruning:

Selective branches may be pruned to balance the weight of the tree, and allow air and light to circulate, which is vital for healing.

Cabling and Bracing:

These are installations which can be used to support fragile, or poorly attached limbs, and protect against further damage.

Straightening, Staking or Guying:

Corrective staking and support may be used for smaller trees that have been partially uprooted if it is done soon after the damage occurs.

Frequently Asked Questions

It certainly is very possible. Speak to one of our arborists to arrange an on-site tree risk assessment to evaluate your property and establish a risk rating for individual trees. This valuable information can then be used to treat or remove any identified problems, which could save you from major damage or risk your safety during bad weather.
Insurance companies in Australia differ in the rules and policies. Please contact your provider to find out exactly what you are covered for, and how to lodge a claim.
Our team will do a thorough evaluation of your property and trees, and provide you with an honest quote for the work that needs to be done.

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