Stump Grinding

Get unsightly or dangerous stumps removed quickly and safely with the expertise of specialists. Our team has stump grinding machines to deal with even the largest or most awkward stumps. Call us today for a free assessment and quote.

Tree stumps can be a hazard, whether they’re unexpectedly unearthed in the middle of a new project or in your lawn where they can damage your lawnmower.

And if you’ve had our professional tree removal crew on your site, there’s a good chance you’ll have an unwanted tree stump or two.

Stump grinding is an efficient and environmentally friendly technique of tree stump removal.  We have machinery suitable for every job, from self propelled grinders for smaller residential jobs to big commercial grinding machines that can be towed onto larger sites.  We have machines to get into places with difficult access. All our grinding machines are serviced regularly to ensure they are always in great condition to remove and mulch stumps quickly and safely.

The regular maintenance we perform on our stump grinding machines ensures they’re effective in cutting and mulching unwanted tree stumps quickly and safely.

Occasionally, stump grinding may not be appropriate because of its location. Where this situation arises, we will work with you to find the most suitable solution.

From parks and streets to backyards, rural properties and subdivisions, our team can provide stump removal services to suit your needs. Whether your project is commercial or residential, large or small, contact us now, we are ready to work with you.

Risks of DIY stump grinding

There are multiple risks to attempting stump grinding yourself. One common problem that occurs with non professional stump grinding is the risk of pest infestation spreading to the rest of the area. Certified experienced abourists know what to look for to ensure any pests will not spread themselves anywhere.

A much worse hazard is that the stump grinding machines that are available in shops are not necessarily suited to every tree stump.  Using the wrong machine for the job, or a machine that is not properly maintained can cause injury.  In some cases it has been fatal.

So give us a call and we can grind that stump for you, keeping your property aesthetically pleasing and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Depending on the area on which we are performing the stump grinding and your own preferences or needs, there a few different options.  The grindings from small stumps can be placed back into the hole where the stump was.  Excess grinding can be spread over the garden and used as mulch.  We can remove the grindings from the property for a small fee. Let us know when you request a quote.
It is recommended that you call a service locater to mark the underground services if there's a concern they may be compromised.  This usually costs approximately $100.
We recommend sending a photo with your enquiry. We can often give you an accurate estimate for the stump removal. If needed, one of our quote managers will complete a site visit and can generally complete the work right there and then if you’re happy with the price.

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