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Knowing what to cut and when to cut it is essential to extending the life of your trees and keeping them healthy. Through the correct pruning methods your trees will benefit, ensuring healthy growth you and your family can enjoy for years.

Our Sydney Tree Pruning Services:

Tree pruning involves removing limbs and branches to improve the shape of the tree, but it’s also necessary when branches pose a safety concern.

At First Choice Tree Services we know the science and the art to pruning trees to ensure healthy and stable trees. This means your trees will not only look good, they will grow strong and healthy with the right care given according to the species, growing conditions and environment.

Our team is equipped with the proper training, equipment and necessary insurances to ensure pruning is done correctly with safety at the forefront.

Pruning promotes nutrient rich trees

Pruning involves removing parts of a tree that are damaged, diseased or dead. It can also incolve shaping a tree for improved structure and to enhance the development of fruits, flowers and fresh growth.

Failing to prune a tree or a plant can have negative and long lasting effects on the growth and overall lifespan. With the correct approach, your tree will benefit from better regulation of nutrients.

Nutrient and water in-take that reaches defective parts of a plant are wasted, so by being selective in what parts of the tree we select to cut-off, we’re able to boost the overall health of a tree by allowing more nutrients and water to reach the parts of the tree that will benefit.

Improve your landscape and garden

Along with looking after the health of your trees through careful pruning, our team takes pride in our attention to the overall look and structure of your trees.

Our pruners ensure that the trees stay in their natural shape, shaping them in a manner to achieve the most beautiful landscapes.

Not only will your landscape look tidier, we can increase air flow and light penetration into your garden, which will benefit other plants in your garden too.

Avoid your trees becoming a safety hazard

Overhanging branches and tree roots, can become a hazard if not given the correct care, especially in urban environments.

A tree’s roots can grow deep and wide in search of water and nutrients. This growth can penetrate structural foundations and damage telephone and electricity lines.

Overhanging or weak branches in your garden, sidewalk or roadside can also become a safety issue for your family and pedestrians.

Keeping tree branches and roots maintained is a crucial precaution to take, particularly when natural disasters such as heavy rains, storms, and fierce winds hit.

Through careful management of your trees, we can help control their growth through selectively removing branches, buds and roots to help your trees live in harmony with their urban surroundings whilst creating a safe environment for the people living there.

Prune fruit trees for an abundance of fruit

If you’ve got a fruit tree in your yard, you’ve got to admit it’s all the more enjoyable if it’s giving you fruit aplenty.

Our team of aborists are skilled in the careful management of Sydney’s fruit trees, keeping them strong, healthy and (most importantly) giving you lots of fruit!
A healthy tree with a strong framework tends to bear the best yield possible.

One possible way we can aid your fruit trees is to create a scaffold of branches with the primary limbs radiating from the trunk of a tree to provide a strong framework, strong enough to support that bountiful yield of juicy fruit.

Solar Panels & Possums

Our expertise in Sydney tree pruning, means we know techniques for allowing you to enjoy your trees whilst not having to worry about the negative effects that the presence of a tree can sometimes bring. These can include tree branches blocking your solar panels, or your tree branches becoming a highway for possums entering your roof.

But the good news is, you can keep your trees and reduce the negative impact they have through our selective pruning techniques.

Our team of aborists can prune branches in such a way so as to effectively filter light to your solar panels, and the health of the tree remains intact.

And when it comes to possums, we know their sneaky techniques, and keeping that in mind, we can prune your trees branches, keeping those possums far enough away from your roof that they won’t be able to manage the leap.

Skilled pruning by our team of aborists can also impact the growth pattern of the tree, so the ongoing management can be reduced, with the tree now growing in an effective way to keep the sunlight filtering onto your solar panels, and those sneaky possums at bay.

Frequently Asked Questions?

All trees will differ depending on how fast they grow and their flowering cycle. This can come down to the tree species and also the local climate they are growing in.

That been said, late winter can be an ideal time for pruning many trees and shrubs as it can promote fast re-growth in spring. But keep in mind, some trees will bleed sap if pruned in late winter, making it better to prune them in late spring or early summer.

For flowering trees, the time of year they are pruned will impact their flowering next season, this is also true for fruit tree yields.

Usually it’s best to refrain from pruning in autumn as pruning stimulates new growth that could be killed off by winter frosts.

And anytime is a good time for branches that are dead, diseased, or damaged.

If you're unsure, our team of aborists will be able to tell you best time to ensure healthy growth in your trees and shrubs. Feel free to give us a call to discuss.
Most trees should ideally be pruned every 2 years or so. However, if you have a young tree that you don't want to grow too big, you’ll have to prune it about once a year so it stays low. Any tree that is a potential safety hazard might need to be more regularly assessed. This is to ensure it's not a danger to anyone or causing issues with nearby structures. At first Choice Tree Services, safety is always our number one priority.
Sure! Though we only recommend this with smaller trees and shrubs. Anything larger requires the right tools and expertise. Tree pruning can be extremely dangerous, especially when large tree limbs are involved. If not done correctly can pruning can result in a dangerously unstable tree.

Did you know that in NSW there's no license required, even when pruning extra large trees. So it's important to make sure whoever you get to prune your trees has certifications and the necessary insurance to ensure everyones safety.

At First Choice Tree Service we require all our team to be certified plus we have the insurance to protect ourselves and your property should anything not go according to plan.

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